Material Alchemy is founded by designer Rebecca Street, who has strong roots in luxury fashion and also the pursuit of wellbeing, often channelled through wearable technology. She is one of the first recipients of InnovateUK’s Women in Innovation Awards, for this technology.

Endless hours of experimentation, research and development, sampling and iteration have gone into each of our products. We have carried out many research trials and are proud to offer this ground-breaking technology designed to reduce your stress levels, assist with your sleep patterns and enhance your overall sense of wellbeing,

Material Alchemy takes a sustainable approach to creating luxury garments. We produce in the UK, using the most luxurious organic and natural fabrics, many of which are produced in the UK. We utilise local dyeing specialists, artisans and small production units to bring to you wearable products, made with integrity.

We passionately believe in offering only the very highest of quality within each of our product ranges, thinking about you at every step, putting your comfort and wellbeing at the centre of every design.

Material Alchemy brings excellence, enduring quality and a passion for wellbeing into the world of fashion and accessories. We take our specially selected fabrics then add science, design and experience, to create something we think is rather special. That might just be alchemy…