Take Care

Face Coverings:

Our face coverings are made from the highest quality fabrics. Each has been selected for it’s particular soothing, comforting and breathable qualities. As such, caring for them will be particularly important.

We recommend washing them regularly, by hand in warm water with a very mild, hypoallergenic detergent that you are comfortable with. Let them air dry naturally, so that you can continue to breath fresh and clean air, throughout your daily adventures.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns.*

Due to the nature of the face mask garments, we cannot accept returns of these items. We maintain this policy both for your safety and ours. If you are unsure about which tone you prefer, please avail of our free swatch pack. We will send you a selection of colour so that you can shop with confidence, and choose the colour perfect for you.


This is an organic t-shirt in many ways. Alive, ever evolving: utilising Earth’s minerals for your benefit, which in turn may benefit Earth.

We’ve started by taking an ethical tshirt, made from an Organic Cotton and Modal mix. Then we’ve applied crushed crystal and precious metals in a revolutionary, unique way. These are the most valuable and delicate applications to an everyday garment and must be handled as such.

The more you wash, the more you break down the leaf/crystal. We therefore recommend you don’t wear & wash every time; only wash when it’s grubby or your instinct tells you. In order to clean your t-shirt by machine, we ask that you turn it inside out, wash it on it’s own with a gentle hand wash detergent, on a 30 degree Hand Wash setting, with max spin speed of 600rpm. Alternatively, you may wash it by hand, inside out, in lukewarm water. Just squeeze the excess water out, much like kneading dough. No wringing.

Then pull out flat, side seams together and leave to dry on an airing rack. Please do not scrub, wring or twist it and do not tumble dry.

It’s worth mentioning here, that it is precious metal and ground amethyst that are applied to the surface of the garment and as such, any physical abrasion is likely to cause damage. We cannot accept responsibility for such damage. Please treat the garment with respect.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns.*

It is unavoidable that over time the leaf & crystal will break down a little, due to general wear and washing. However, we have taken care to actually enhance the garment aesthetically whilst this process occurs; the slogans on the front of the Inspiration collection have been printed with ink beneath the leaf, which adds another dimension to the organic nature of this tee. We also feel that as these are high-energy garments, when you try one on there will be an automatic exchange of energy. The gift has already begun its work and the tee will be imbued with your energy. We therefore feel it incongruous to pass it on to another.

This is the just beginning of a wonderful journey with your new tee!

*This does not affect your statutory rights